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An online well-being day is an act where a well-being day, team day, or some other joint day for employees is organized online at people’s homes, enabling an employer to take care of their employees during challenging times.

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By doing it all online, an employer can protect employees in the case of an epidemic, pandemic, bad weather, or natural disaster, when staying at home is preferable. The goal of the online well-being day is to create good feelings and spirit among employees in situations where people and team members just can’t physically be in the same space with others.


Remote wellbeing day makes it possible for all the members of the company to be a part of the day and makes everyone equal in this regard. It also makes it possible for everyone to have their input in the final outcome of the experience.


During a Remote team day, the participants receive assorted challenges into their smartphones from well-known professional athletes and entertainers. With their phones, the entrants then film their own performances and send them to Sportspot. Sportspot composes an entertaining compilation – a bit like America’s funniest home videos, but starring your own colleagues. The show is broadcasted as a live stream to each partaker. On the show night, the contributors gather around their screens to see what all the members of their team have come up with.

Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life at Sitra
Markus Terho

Involving staff in remote activities that are shared with a team broadcast is a novel way to build team spirit and the concept is easy to take into use in any organization.

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