Find the Impactful Sustainability Acts

It's time to wrap up the sleeves and start global-scale cooperation to find and spread the most impactful sustainability actions done by organizations.

We want to help you to make better choices in your everyday life, whether it’s about choosing products or services, business partners, or a future employer.

The Planet Company is the place where you can find sustainable actions done by organizations, whose impact and relevance has been validated by experts. Explore the actions, support the ones you like and share your favorite acts in your network!

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Planet Acts

The steps for Planet Act validation


When an organization discovers it has a possible new Planet Act, the first thing to do is to describe what the action is and submit the act to us.


A team of experts evaluates the impact or the expected impact of the Planet Act. If the Act is impact positive, it gets published.


After the pre-check, the Act gets published. Act’s purpose, results, and implementation are openly described.


The new Planet Act is sent to a group of independent subject-matter experts that evaluate the Act based on three carefully chosen criteria.