This is Earth Restart

The Planet Company is the new action-focused platform for companies and individual change-makers to cooperate and speed up sustainable change.

Join the community today and contribute for a better tomorrow.

How Planet Company works

Planet Acts

The steps for creating and starting a new Planet Act:


When an organization discovers it has a possible new Planet Act, the first thing to do is to describe what the action is, its impact, and to submit the act to us.


A team of Planet Company experts evaluates the impact or the expected impact of the Planet Act. If the Planet Act has the potential to be impact positive, it moves forward to the evaluation and scoring.


The description is sent to a group of independent sustainability experts that evaluate the Planet Act based on five carefully chosen criteria. Each Planet Act is scored by a group of subject matter experts.


Once the evaluation is completed, the original Planet Act submission and scoring are used to form the final Planet Act description. This will enable other companies to understand its value and how to join.

The Science

One of the problems preventing companies from doing more good, is simply the lack of science and sustainability expertise. This can result in decisions, investments and eventually acts that are not as impactful as they could be.

Within us normal folks, it’s difficult to understand which acts are better than the others and which acts truly make a difference. The climate change, among others, is a complex issue hard to comprehend and sometimes so are the solutions.

We decided to bring in the science. As functionally as possible.

Our values & design principles


We only work on the topics that help to create a more sustainable tomorrow for generations to come


The sustainability impact of Planet Acts is always evaluated by a group of independent experts and scientists


We do everything possible to enable good acts to gain more visibility, attention and to spread globally.


Good acts inspire us all and create trust. Only together can we create the necessary change quickly enough.