Ruohonjuuri – Volunteering at Helsinki Animal Welfare Association


Ruohonjuuri employees have the opportunity to use their paid working time to volunteer for a better world. Every month, one Ruohonjuuri employee goes to work for one day in an organization of their choice or in another project that builds a better world. Ruohonjuuri pays their salary for this volunteer day. The world changes when it is changed!

Nina from Ruohonjuuri Kamppi spent a volunteer day at HESY, the Helsinki Animal Welfare Association.

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Nina has always loved animals, and cats, in particular, are a huge and beloved part of Nina’s life, so it was easy for her to choose the volunteer destination.

– I admit that I am proud to be a Crazy Cat Lady, Nina says with full of enthusiasm.


– I enjoyed being involved in doing significant animal protection work during the day with my input. HESY is already a 146-year-old association that diligently and tirelessly does a valuable job to help animals. I appreciate this with all my heart, Nina continues. No wonder Nina thinks it’s just a wonderful thing that Ruohonjuuri makes it possible to spend the day’s work time volunteering.

It was surprising to Nina to notice how many animals are abandoned and confiscated from horrible conditions. This is another reason why a day of volunteering in animal welfare seemed important. Nina has volunteered before. She has helped a long time already children and young people in various charities and campaigns.

The world changes when it is changed!


The day went well with various tasks: in addition to feeding and caring for the cats and cleaning the premises, Nina helped in the HESY store, for example. He was also able to follow a wide range of demanding animal care moments from the side.

The animal caretakers working at HESY are very skilled, which I genuinely admire, impressed Nina says.

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