Lunawood Value game – to engage our employees to involve updating process of our values


We updated Lunawood’s values at the same time when we updated the company’s strategy. From the beginning, our intension was to develop our values through gaming. We develop “Lunawood Value game” by ourselves. We encouraged all employees to participate to play “Lunawood Value game” because we thought that employees need to know our company values ​​well to act accordingly on them. The game was accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the companies’operations, history and future goals. We hoped this would lead to understand the meaning of values ​​more deeply and how these impact on our operations.

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We set out with a small core team to think about how our employees could be involved in the value debate in a meaningful and completely modern, different way. Our main goal was to find a way to get our employees to discuss values ​​and what they mean to them. We set out to design a board game based on our own company’s value chain together with the history of Lunawood.  What is Lunawood like now? What has changed over the years and growth? What do we want to be in the future? We wanted to find out the common thoughts of the individual employee and the game team. A little racing spirit was gained in the game by adding coin questions that made it possible to earn points with the correct answer. Another goal was also to get the answers processed smoothly so that we could utilize the ideas, questions, and answers of our employees in the work of updating the values.


Based on the results, we were able to update our values. In addition, playing increased the much-needed team spirit and teamwork during the covid era and made people immediately and freely discuss how Lunawood is currently doing.

The results of this value game have already been implemented in the company’s strategy work, which includes updating our values ​​as one key component. In the future, the ideas and wishes of our employees can be better taken into account in other activities as well. Our employees think we are clearly on the right track in our company’s sustainability work. We will continue to develop our sustainability issues and continue to involve our company’s employees into different development projects. In addition, the modern, bold and open-minded implementation method in which employees were involved in a fun way has received a great deal of praise from every level of the organization.


The game was led by a member of the core team, who told when to move on to the next question in order to stay on schedule and get the answers recorded on the game board. The game progressed along our value chain from sourcing raw materials to customers. Questions in the game reflected our current values ​​and practices. Coin questions caused a wanted competition between teams. After a few warm-up questions, the game was already going well. Through the questions, we found out what kind of actions and behaviors our employees appreciate and what are important to them. The players were all our employees, from mill workers to the CEO.

The answers were written on a Lunawood game board, branded according to the company’s line, created by the company’s own designer. In this way, the answers could be processed easily and quickly, and the answers were not lost. Both goals were achieved: we received valuable information and ideas from our employees and the results were easy to process.

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