Tokmanni – Protecting the Baltic Sea through the Pisara campaigns

Donations (€)
133 000

By safeguarding biodiversity, we will secure the living conditions for all of us also in the future. Through the cooperation between Tokmanni and the John Nurminen Foundation, we are participating in protecting the marine nature of the eutrophicated Baltic Sea. 

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As a part of Tokmanni’s sustainability work and social responsibility, we promote our four sustainability themes through charity work.   

A healthy environment and biodiversity are significant themes for us since those allow our business to exist. As the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, we want to take part in protecting it. 

Through our collaboration with the John Nurminen Foundation, we are taking part in protecting the Baltic Sea through impactful marine environment projects. 


With the Pisara campaigns in 2020 and 2021, we have donated 133,000€ in total to the John Nurminen Foundation to support Baltic Sea conservation work. Through this cooperation, Tokmanni helps the John Nurminen Foundation to improve the state of the Baltic Sea by reducing the burden on the sea and environmental risks. 

Through the John Nurminen Foundation, we have been taking part in reducing nutrients ending up in the Baltic Sea and removing the already existing nutrient load, thus safeguarding the diversity of marine nature. Through our cooperation, we have also helped the John Nurminen Foundation strengthen common awareness of the Baltic Sea and influence national and international decision-making. 


Pisara – Itämeren puolesta -campaign is a collaboration between Tokmanni and John Nurminen Foundation, which have been organized since 2020. For every Pisara product sold between May to August, we have donated five cents to the John Nurminen Foundation to support the protection of the Baltic Sea.  

Our cooperation will continue in 2022, and we are organizing the Pisara campaign for the third year in a row. The amount to be donated this year is one cent for each product of the Pisara brand, as more Pisara products can be found in our wide selection. There are already more than 200 Pisara products in Tokmanni stores and our online store, and by purchasing, consumers are also participating in protecting the Baltic Sea. 

We are happy to support the John Nurminen Foundation as the Foundation’s work to protect the Baltic Sea is tangible and impressive. The Baltic Sea with its catchment area also affects a large part of our customers and employees, Project Manager, Sustainability Terhi Uusitalo from Tokmanni explains. 

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