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Parcero offers its employees sports and culture benefits with ePassi. Parcero’s work environment is based on fairness, compassion, and stability. The aim is for every employee to feel safe developing towards profound expertise. With ePassi, all employees can buy sports and culture services, which improves both physical and mental well-being.

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The benefit encourages our work community to develop their skills and well-being by supporting both domestic and international cultures. Sports and culture hobbies create opportunities to experience a state of flow that is a perfect counter to modern work that is ubiquitous and stressful. The benefit is a modest yet effective investment that we think should be a standard in any workplace.


With the sports and culture benefit, Parcero supports its employees’ well-being at all times. Employees have been very satisfied with the ePassi app and the opportunities offered by the benefit. It has encouraged employees to try new things from golf to cold swimming and yoga retreats, and it has brought motivation for employees’ hobbies. Employees have been pleased that the benefit extends not only to sports but also to cultural hobbies from movie tickets to festival experiences.


The benefit is a modest yet effective investment that we think should be a standard in any workplace. ePassi is a modern and eco-friendly way to offer employee benefits with a mobile payment solution. The ePassi app travels easily with employees and the payments are made with just a few taps.

Liikunta- ja kulttuuriedun ansiosta olemme jatkuvasti työntekijöidemme jaksamisen tukena. Etu on pieni mutta vaikuttava investointi, jonka pitäisi olla jo standardi jokaisella työpaikalla.

Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life at Sitra
Markus Terho

This planet act is relatively easy to take into use but requires the help of a service provider through whom the benefit can be taken into use.

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