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NOSH is a Finnish clothing brand. As part of its recycling model, NOSH sells usable clothes that are not suitable for normal sale via online second-hand shop Emmy. The profits are donated to charity.

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The purpose of the recycling model is to find a loving home for NOSH clothes that for one reason or another cannot be sold in normal consumer sales according to our high-quality criteria. Such garments include, for example, photoshoot samples. We aim to operate eco-friendly and we never throw away any clothes, even if we can’t sell them.


The recycling model offers one way to do charity, while at the same time taking care of the environment. The profits of the sales are donated to charity. During six month period in 2020 we collected 5061,30 euros for Save the Children organization. The co-operation with Emmy continues.


NOSH delivers regularly a batch of clothes to Emmy online second-hand shop. Emmy then sells the clothes on its online store to a new loving home. The profits are donated to charity.

The idea behind NOSH and Emmy co-operation is to sell for example photoshoot samples. It is great to see, that these clothes find new loving users. By falling in love with ethical NOSH clothes you can do good. We donate the profits of the sales to charity. Our first charity is Save the Children. They’ll direct the profits to children in need in Finland.

Laura Petris-Forsell, brand director, Nosh Company Oy
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