Fujitsu Finland – Laptop donation to Ukrainian refugees

Donations (pcs)

Community support is part of Responsible Business at Fujitsu. In the spring 2022, we donated Fujitsu laptops to Ukrainian refugee children with support of ALSO, F-Secure and Microsoft. The aim was to support remote school attendance of refugee children living in Finland.


The aim of the donation was to support remote school attendance of refugee children who have fled war in Ukraine.


Overall, 33 Fujitsu laptops were donated for personal use of refugee children to support remote school attendance.


The laptops were donated in April and May 2022. They were pre-installed and equipped with free Teams access from Microsoft and Internet Security and Freedome licenses from F-Secure for three years.

All PCs were delivered directly to end-users living in reception centers or homestays in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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  1. Beyond its tangible financial benefits, the SRD grant offers psychological support to recipients by alleviating stress and anxiety associated with economic uncertainty. Knowing that they have access to emergency relief funds in times of need provides recipients with a sense of security and peace of mind, which can have positive effects on mental health and well-being