Turun Ekotori – 90 % less CO2 emissions from transportation

Reduced CO2e (tCO2e)

All Ekotori’s transportations has been carried out since 2019 by Neste’s renewable Neste MY diesel which is entirely produced from recycled waste material. Transportations consist of product deliveries, both to and from Ekotori as well as electricity and electronic waste transport and running errands, for example between offices.

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The purpose of the act is to lower greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation and thus to diminish climate load of recycling and also to enhance utilization of waste.


Annually Ekotori’s delivery cars drive approximately 63 000 kilometers. Middle sized vans produce 175 g/km CO2-emissions while using regular fuel, which means on a yearly basis around 11 tons of carbon dioxide. Neste MY is produced 100 % of different waste materials and when refueled by Neste MY, delivery cars cause 90 % less CO2. The impact of the act is yearly:

11025 kg – 1102,5 kg = 9922,5 kg less CO2 emissions (=9.922500 tCO2e)


Cars are refueled in gas stations which supply Neste MY biofuel.

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