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For every knitwear piece that was bought during Fashion Revolution week in 2021 we donated 5 € for Finnwatch.

Fashion Revolution is a global campaign which has a goal to make fashion industry more transparent and responsible.

Finnwatch is a Finnish NGO which investigates the global impacts of business operations. The NGO has for example raised awareness of human rights issues related to businesses.

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Fashion Revolution campaign was founded when on 24.4.2013 a building named Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh. The buildings consisted of multiple clothing factories, a bank, apartments and stores. Some cracks had appeared on the building which were reported by the workers in the clothing factories to their supervisors. Despite the cracks the workers were told that they had to go to work the next day. On that day the building collapsed.

1130 factory workers died and over 2500 were injured in the collapse. The collapse of Rana Plaza is one the most destructive building accidents in the world. Rana Plaza symbolizes the irresponsibility of the fashion industry and how far consumers and brands can be from the people who make their clothes.

Fashion industry is known for vast human rights issues thorough the supply chains. That is why it is important to start to solve these problems.

Finnwatch has brought up grievances in Finnish companies supply chains and as result the companies have developed their processes and made changes. We at Alpa want to support the important work that Finnwatch does. The donations collected were targeted to support a research project in which Finnwatch investigates different social accountability standards.


For every knitwear piece that was bought during Fashion Revolution week in 2021 we donated 5 € for Finnwatch. The amount of donation was 1295 €.


The donation was gathered from 19th of April to the 25th of April on 2021. All of the knitwear pieces sold through Alpa’s online stores and retailers were taken into account. The final amount of donation was donated through Finnwatch’s website.

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