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To support all employees’ daily life and to maintain and improve their well-being and health, Advian provides them with Culture, Lunch and Exercise benefits. With this act, we want to challenge companies to broaden their employee benefits.

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Healthy and happy employees are the most important asset to our company. That’s why Advian offers all its employees EazyBreak’s Sports & Culture, and Lunch benefits. These benefits also include massages at a more affordable price. The aim with these benefits is to support employees’ daily life and to encourage them to maintain and improve their well-being and health. Offering these kinds of benefits makes it easier to take care of ourselves and lowers the threshold for trying out new things.


All of our employees have registered to EazyBreak’s service and uses at least the lunch benefit. Many uses the culture benefit, in for example transportation, and some have tried out the exercise benefit. We find it important to be able to track one’s health and that’s why we have provided our employees with activity bracelets, which the majority has taken in use. This is a great tool for discovering poor night’s sleep or an extra active day, which in turn can be useful for planning of workdays.


We have broadened our employee benefits by taking in use EazyBreak’s various benefits. You can check their selection at Also, when onboarding to Advian, every employee has now the chance to receive an activity bracelet. In addition, employees get to use an extended occupational healthcare, including physiotherapy, laboratory, and x-ray examinations, and specialist medical care.

I think it’s awesome to be able to try different forms of exercise at a more affordable price

Advian employee
Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life at Sitra
Markus Terho

This Planet Act is relatively easy to take into use, but requires the help of a service provider through whom the benefit can taken into use. This act has the potential to be utilized in any industry and by companies of all sizes.

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