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European Carbon Control

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Who are we?

European Carbon Control Ltd ‘’ECC’’ is a privately owned consulting and marketing platform, offering Net Zero CO2 Solutions.

ECC works closely together with leading environmental organisations in Europe and project developers in Africa and South America, focusing on the voluntary carbon credit segment. ECC continuously works on developing its services for European businesses, we believe that our unique position covering the value chain from the client’s perspective to the actual generating of the Carbon Credits (VCUs & CCBs) in Africa is one of the key factors when offering a Net Zero CO2 Solution to companies & organisations.

What we do?

ECC focuses on European market for carbon offsets, offering different solutions depending on the size and commitment level of each client.

ECC solutions range from standard for the SME sector, to bespoke carbon footprint calculations for larger enterprises beyond scope 1 & 2”. All our solutions are based on the GHG Protocol and SO 14064 standards.

European Carbon Control Ltd mission is to provide cost-effective solutions for companies to achieve and maintain real Net Zero Status over time.

Good to know?

Our carbon footprint varies from business to business, country to country – every client is unique. What really matters is the client’s level of commitment to fight climate change. ECC’s consultants are highly qualified and use latest data and tools available in order to define each company’s actual needs and solutions for reducing their carbon footprint to reach real Net Zero CO2 status. ECC issues Carbon Offset certificates for clients to verify they are carbon neutral. ECC is in full compliance with ISO 14064 standards, GHG Protocol and best global practice when defining the actual CO2 footprint for its clients.

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