Planet Score

How can we make sure that the acts we do and invest in are actually impact-positive? How do we know which acts really make a difference?


Let's bring in the experts. Over 15 000 of them.

We bring in some of the world’s leading sustainability experts to evaluate company actions. Our experts help companies to appreciate the acts they are doing, focus on the right topics, and help the public to understand the combined impact of the Planet Acts implemented by our member companies.

A community of over 15 000 sustainability experts from all over the world ensures that all Planet Acts living and spreading on our platform are truly impact-positive and worth doing and replicating by other companies. Each and every Planet Act is described and approved by a group of experts.

Frequently asked questions

1. Impact

What is the planetary impact potential of the act in question? As a Planet Act is more of a generic description of an act theme, evaluating its impact potential is important. If a majority of the companies would adopt the act, how significant would the combined contribution be?

2. Excitement

What is your overall feeling or excitement about the act? This is a “soft” question and also the most subjective one, but we are interested in your overall feeling of the act.

3. Replicability

What is the replicability of the act? Evaluate, if the act is open for any company to participate, or is it strictly a company- or an industry-specific act.

The used scale ranges from None (0) to Excellent (5).

The purpose is to provide an independent view from a group of sustainability experts on the potential impact of each Planet Act and distinguish the different characteristics of the acts. The scoring provided is naturally indicative, and it’s combined into an average score that is built from the scores of individual experts. The scores are given without knowing how the other experts have scored the Act in question.

The expert community engaged in the scoring of Planet Acts is our partner organization called Solved. They are an ecosystem comprised of expert networks, expert organizations, and individual experts with more than 15,000 persons from 80 countries.

The rating has been built by a group of experienced sustainability experts to provide a holistic view of the impact potential, relevance and ease of replication of the Planet Act, which can belong to a wide range of environmental and social responsibility categories. We believe the rating provides the users of our platform an easy way to understand the key strengths of each Planet Act and suitability for joining and committing to them.

Individuals or expert organizations can apply and join the Solved ecosystem, and based on their area of speciality, they can be picked up to the evaluation teams.

Planet company members with the Leader subscription have the opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with the evaluation team through an online platform.