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Diversifying work force benefits the employers, employees and the society in general. Ratko model helps companies in developing their diversity management and inclusive recruitment practices, as well as in supporting the well-being of their current staff.

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Ratko model is a personnel and workplace-oriented approach.
Ratko model provides means of job analyzing, organizing and designing.
By implementing Ratko model companies and organizations can examine their basic function in relation to the employees’ job descriptions.
The model helps clarify the functions of the basic company tasks and exposes redundant overlapping in the task distribution.

Ratko model
– Makes the recruiting process easier
– Supports the well-being of employees
– Facilitates returning to work after long absence
– Improves diversity at workplace


Ratko concept gives tools for job design in various situations.
It enables staff participation which is crucial because employees have the best knowledge of the jobs and are willing to help, applying the Ratko concept. Ratko clarifies the benefits of job designing for the whole company or organization.

The personnel workshops provided by Ratko model facilitate creating a dialogue on diversity in the workplace.

After the Ratko model process is finished, the basic function of the company or organization becomes newly clarified for the entire work team. There are no more overlapping in task distribution and the needs for future recruitment become evident. Observing the diversity level of the company staff, aided by the Ratko process, teams can take it into consideration when recruiting new task force, asking themselves who they are still missing.

This helps general diversity management and improves the relevant HR practices.


job analysing

Ratko offers the tools to analyse personal work, think about the basic functions together and get rid off redundant and overlapping tasks.

job desing

The surplus tasks are combined together as a whole new job description. This makes everyone’s work more efficient.

job desingning

A new assignment gives the organization an opportunity to find a new type of person and increase its diversity. The new assignment can be tailored to fit the new employee.

Ratko workshop was an extremely positive experience. Active staff participation in the analysis of everyone’s own tasks was motivational and engaging. In the workshop we managed to create a good set of tools for potential special work place situations, and these tools we can utilize and apply in our different departments in the future.

Heli Beckman, General Manager, Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress & Finland – Scandic Helsinki Aviapolis
Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life at Sitra
Markus Terho

Providing tools that help to clarify and shape job descriptions and job tasks help employees and employers to improve fair and balanced treatment of all. This increases motivation, equal pay, opportunities and transparency. This Planet act is widely scalable to all types of organizations.

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