Turun Ekotori – Promote employement


Ekotori employs 100-130 persons monthly and yearly approximately 250 persons. Jobs are mainly offered to long-term unemployed persons who are entitled to get pay subsidies or to participate in work trials. Thus, Ekotori gives a possibility of interruption of the unemployed period. Socially and environmentally sustainable actions unite in Ekotori: Recycle enables employment activity and employment enables recycling.

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By offering places to long-term unemployed people, Ekotori urges them to promote their possibilities to return into working life. As one of the most meaningful aspects, Ekotori wants to offer a work community which promotes well-being and chances to find own strengths in working life. The purpose of the act is to make returning to the open work market easier by offering work experience. In addition, Ekotori wants to offer an experience of togetherness strengthen professional self-image and self-confidence. All employment actions are guided by true willingness to help.


Every employed does important work for the environment, gets work experience and opportunities to find their own strengths in working life. According to a survey conducted, almost half of the responders have begun to study or to work after the employment period in Ekotori. Though, the survey is conducted immediately after their working in Ekotori and therefore information of the long-term impact is not known. In 2019, 55 percent responded to the survey, so the statistic of the remaining 45 percent is missing.


The act of employment is targeted for those who are entitled to receive pay subsidy or to participate in a work trail. When possible, Ekotori offers prolonged contracts and also urges to develop employees’ workmanship. In order to support further employment, Ekotori supports job search processes and applying to education. Long-term unemployed have various situations and therefore all arrivals are met one-to-one. Returning to the open work markets is enhanced, while simultaneously supporting well-being and ability to work.

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