Suomen Paralympiakomitea – Carbon-neutral print material

Reduced CO2e (tCO2e)

The Finnish Paralympic Committee published a new responsibility program until 2025 in the spring of 2021. With regard to implementing environmental responsibility, the national sports organization strives to produce its printed material as environmentally friendly as possible, reduce purchases of unnecessary products and select sustainable products in all necessary purchases. With the responsibility program, the Paralympic Committee began cooperating with PunaMusta in the spring of 2021, which offers the sports association and its members the opportunity to choose environmentally friendly, completely carbon-neutral printed products.

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The Finnish Paralympic Committee is a nationwide sports and exercise organization for people with physical, visual and developmental disabilities, as well as those who have received an organ transplant or are on dialysis. The goal for the Paralympic Committee is to develop and coordinate Finnish sports and exercise for the disabled persons, from starting sports to top-level international sports.

The Paralympic Committee’s responsibility program covers all three areas of responsibility: environmental responsibility, social responsibility and financial responsibility. With regard to environmental responsibility measures, the Paralympic Committee began cooperating with PunaMusta in the production of printed matter and other presentation materials.


Environmental responsibility is one of PunaMusta’s core values, and through the partnership, PunaMusta provides the Paralympic Committee with tools for brand and material management, ordering and digital publishing, and the ability to choose environmentally friendly, completely carbon-neutral printed products and digital forms and website implementations.

During the first six months of the cooperation in 2021, the Paralympic Committee had exchanged the annual report, various brochures and digital content for carbon-neutral products. The production of about 10,500 copies, an average of 16 pages, saved a total of about 730 kg CO2e when the products have been printed in a carbon-neutral manner.


The Finnish Paralympic Committee is one of Finland’s most influential sports organizations, whose activities are guided by five values: responsibility, equality, accessibility, success and inclusion. The most important common denominator of the cooperation is responsibility and especially environmental responsibility, which is one of PunaMusta’s core values.

The vision of the Finnish Paralympic Committee is “ open and equal, sporting Finland”, and its activities are based on responsibility. Implementation is guided by the responsibility program and the Finnish Paralympic Committee Responsibility Program 2021-2025.

Senior Energy Specialist at Sustainable Energy for All

Great to have the Finnish Paralympic Committee spearhead environmental sustainability and climate action as part of their programme for the sports community.

Small streams make large rivers, and carbon neutral printed materials, digitalization of content and applications are easy to replicate. The Finnish Paralympic Committee’s broad national and international outreach will help show the way for more actions elsewhere too.

Looking forward to hearing more from the Committee!

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