Söderberg & Partners – Climate compensation

Compensated CO2e (tCO2e)
32 510

Söderberg & Partners has compensated all employees from 2018 onwards, both at work and at leisure. Every year, we buy climate-friendly projects and emission rights available on the market.

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Climate compensation means that a person takes responsibility for their own impact on greenhouse emissions. We hope that our climate certification will inspire our employees to reduce their own climate impact through everyday choices. In addition, we hope that we can inspire other players in our field by setting an example.


Climate compensation enables financing for the development of green projects and accelerates the transition to green energy production. The system creates a win-win opportunity for both our planet and UN-regulated projects in the least developed countries, and produces clean energy for sustainable development.

Our climate compensation is currently financing the a project in Thailand. The project has built a reactor system that recovers bio gas from the waste water of a cassava starch factory. It replaces fossil fuels that would have previously entered the atmosphere. The result is improved air quality in the area and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The project has also created new training and work opportunities for local employees.

We have been awarded the “We Don’t Have Time – Climate Friendly Employees” certification.


Our climate compensation is based on the climate effect produced by the average Western person. To be on the safe side, we’ve doubled this average estimate.

In 2021, we procured climate-efficient projects for a total of 32,510 tons of carbon dioxide. Through the projects, we bought emission allowances that correspond to the saved greenhouse gas emissions, which we acquire from the market and cancel – this ensures a reduction of the total emission allowances in the market.

We acquire carbon dioxide emissions (Certified Emission Reductions, CER) produced by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This is the only carbon dioxide credit recognized by the UN climate agreement at the moment, and it was developed in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol accepted by all UN member states.

Read more on our Sustainability Report.

I hope that our climate compensation will inspire our employees to take their own initiatives to reduce their daily climate impacts. I also hope that it will take our industry in a direction where business leaders bear their responsibilities and compensate for the climate effects of their operations.

Gustaf Rentzhog, Group CEO
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