Satohuone – Circular economy and recycling

Recycled (kg)
14 000

Satohuone recycles everything possible and makes very good use of the spent substrates (which is nearly the only type of waste produced). The substrates are made from by-products of wheat (and other cereals) and hemp industries, and after they’ve served their purpose here, they continue to a close-by educational farm to be converted in bioactive compost and enrichener of the soil. We also use ecological and recycleable packaging.


Naturally the purpose of this act is to lessen the ecological impact of the company, and actually benefit the environment by producing natural biomass that is very nutritious and helpful for the formation of rich and healthy soil and compost.


As a result of our circular economy model, the spent substrates are not going to waste, but recycled locally to an educational farm where it is converted to bioactive compost. This doesn’t only reduce our impact on environment, but actually improves the local ecosystem, soil and biodiversity. We recycle around 14 tons of nutritious spent substrates annually.

By choosing sustainable raw materials made from the byproducts of agricultural industries for the substrates, we can make the whole cycle of the materials sustainable. Using recycleable product packaging, we reduce our environmental impact furthermore.


Our spent substrates are transported to a nearby educational farm (AhlmanEdu) as part of an international FUSILLI- project (Fostering the Urban Food System Transformation through Innovative Living Labs Implementation). The substrates are there made into bioactive compost and soil enhancers.

As raw materials we use pelletized straw for the mushrooms and hemp fiber pads for the microgreens, both being by-products of big industries. As packacing, we mainly use recycleable carton boxes made be Carccu (EPP-Pack Oy). For big produce containers, we collect plastic mushroom boxes (made of recycleable plastic) from big grocery stores and hypermarkets, wash them and reuse them as long as they can serve.

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