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Ruohonjuuri has been cooperating with Hope ry for several years, regularly donating to the organization e.g. product samples as well as donations received from staff.

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Many people already know Hope ry, whose heart is with low-income families with children. Hope ry needs regular donors so it can help its own customers as comprehensively as possible. At the same time, Ruohonjuuri receives product samples every week, of which only a fraction end up for sale. It is the most natural thing in the world to donate the extra to Hope ry. The product samples received by Ruohonjuuri are brand new and often contain organic food, which is very welcomed for all kitchens. Nutritional supplements also bring joy and benefit, as the diet often needs enrichment, and with the low incomes it is not possible to invest in vitamins, when not always in food either.


This co-operation brings joy in multiple ways! Low-income families with children receive completely new, versatile products, Hope ry regularly receives donations, and the staff feels happy to be able to donate usable products for a good purpose. Maybe their own children have grown up or their hobby has changed and things are not needed anymore, but are in good shape.


Every week, the Ruohonjuuri product panel receives approximately fifty product samples for evaluation. Only a small portion of these products are selected on our shelves to delight customers. All additional product samples are donated to Hope ry, which in turn distributes them to low-income families with children.

The product samples mostly contain natural cosmetics, eco-detergents, food supplements, and organic food, which provide versatile product sets off to go!

At the same time as the representatives of Hope ry fetches product samples from our office, they will also receive donations made by the staff (eg. used children’s clothes, books, games).

When product samples and donations made by staff are added together, a total of about 50 products end up in the donation each week. This makes about 2,600 products a year.

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