Putte’s Bar & Pizza – Treebuddy forest

Trees planted
17 000

Putte’s Bar & Pizza sells thousands of delicious pizzas in the center of Helsinki. Putte´s pays 20 cents for each pizza sold to the Treebuddy organization. Treebuddy uses the funds to plant trees and care for the planted trees. Trees are planted all over the world. The eaten pizzas thus grows Putte’s forest.

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We understand that pizza is in many ways a challenging snack for the environment. Particularly challenging from an environmental point of view are the ingredients mainly cheeses and meats used in pizzas. For a long time, we were looking for a suitable way to compensate for the environmental burden we have caused. Planting trees is not only a concrete act that is easy to communicate with people but also a symbolic value that moves us. The cycle of life created by eating at a restaurant and growing trees creates a perimeter that is constantly in motion. This idea is eloquent, but also very concrete – just the way we want it.


Over the course of the year, we have supported Treebuddy to plant 10731 of trees. You can explore our own Treebuddy forest here – the map is zoomable, you see every single tree there with a photo.


The Treebuddy organization uses its networks to plant trees all over the world. Each planted tree is documented and placed as an icon on the Treebuddy map. The planter receives information about both the planted tree and the person who planted it. The Treebuddy organization takes care of the planted trees with the help of the local community. In this way, the growth of the tree is really taken care of, and the planting does not remain a single act.

Individual trees can be donated in the form of a unique URL code to important customers and staff. In the beginning year of 2019, we donated trees to all our employees so that they would understand our cooperation more concretely and be able to provide better information about it to our customers.

Researcher at University of Lapland
Managing Director - Sustainability Transformation at Solutions4Impact
Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life at Sitra
Markus Terho

I think this act is a beautiful showcase of how companies can join and participate in the fight against climate change. There are concrete actions to be taken and funded, like planting trees, and companies together with their customers can make an impact. Every action counts. It is also encouraging to give customers a chance for value considerations while making a consumption choice.

About Jouko
A researcher with a long experience in SW business and development activities. His personal values developed as a result of living life close to nature above the Arctic Circle. He holds a D.Sc. degree in industrial engineering and management. Recently he has contributed to the sustainability of tourism businesses in Lapland. He has also contributed to the Responsible Tourism initiatives to educate future tourism professionals in sustainability and to support tourism businesses adapting sustainable operational model.

This is a great way to make customers invest in climate action and thus having an indirect influence on SDG13. It is important to never forget that our actions must offset the CO2 we produce from our very first breath!

About Corina
I am a sustainability business expert at the crossroad of technology, innovation, and partnership, with the focus on helping companies transform their sustainability strategies, advance SDG's implementation, and share the common B Corp business philosophy. I am part of EIT Climate KIC Network of Coaches and a mentor at the Global Women Network for Energy Transition programs.

This act illustrates that a small single action multiplied by customer participation has the potential to grow into a significant contribution with an impact on climate change and biodiversity. This action can scale when a partner is available to offer business tree planting and management services that they can utilize and engage their customers.

About Markus
A corporate responsibility veteran, with over two decades in the industry. He has held several notable positions, among them, he has served as the global sustainability chief at Nokia. There he has managed global corporate responsibility activities, environmental and social responsibility, social investment portfolios as well as disaster relief and charity donations.