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At Nordea, we have a systematic and continuous approach to promoting financial skills. In 2016, we updated our sponsorship strategy and shifted our focus towards supporting the development of financial and entrepreneurial skills. We want to share our core expertise to promote the well-being of society and individuals also through our community engagement projects. Our strategy states that all Nordea employees have the opportunity to spend two paid working days every year participating as volunteers in Nordea’s community engagement projects or our partnership projects.

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All of us have to navigate finances as we go through life. That’s why it’s important that children learn to manage money from early on. In our experience, good financial skills help people succeed in life and in business – no one can afford to be financially illiterate. As experts in financial matters, through our projects we can prevent social exclusion and help people improve the money management skills they need in their everyday life. Financial skills also have an impact on sustainable development. How we spend our money will determine the future of our planet.


We help more than 180,000 children and young people develop financial and entrepreneurial skills every year. In addition, we mentor thousands of entrepreneurs and teach digital skills to older people. Over the past six years, this has all been made possible by the efforts of more than 10,000 Nordea volunteers. We are the most influential promoter of financial and entrepreneurial skills in our sector in Finland.


More than 17,000 children and young people (from 1st graders to secondary school students) have attended Nordea’s financial skills workshops.

Through our partnership project with Vamos, each volunteer has contributed to preventing the social exclusion of two young persons on average alongside other support services.

Through our partnership project with Me & MyCity, young people’s awareness of entrepreneurs and businesses as promoters of societal well-being increased by 15%.

Nordea has helped older people across Finland learn digital skills by engaging with them at local schools, libraries and assisted living facilities.


Nordea’s financial skills workshops are facilitated by a Nordea expert and designed for learning financial skills through games and discussions. The workshops are aimed at comprehensive schools (grades 1 to 9) and secondary schools across Finland and all students can participate in them. Teachers can sign up their classes for the workshops on Nordea’s website at

Nordea volunteers also participate in the projects of our cooperation partners, such as Economy and Youth NYT’s Me & MyCity events for sixth-graders and ninth-graders, Plan International Finland’s project, the Deaconess Foundation’s Vamos project and Service Union United PAM’s financial skills lessons. In addition, we collaborate with numerous community groups and organisations that support older people. We also offer digital learning materials to upper secondary school students in collaboration with Opopassi. Read more about community engagement work at

Partnership project = sponsorship recipient, content creation and participation

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