Mö Foods – Taimiteko (Seedling Action)

Compensated CO2e (tCO2e)

Mö wants to help our overloaded planet feed its inhabitants attractively, with good conscience. Not only do we produce lower-emission foods, but we also make sure that their production does not harm the environment unnecessarily. For this reason, we compensate annual emissions from our production by planting trees in Finland.

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Taimiteko is a true act for helping the environment instead of overloading it. We compensate annual CO2-emissions from our production through Taimiteko seedling action and plant trees in areas that have not been in active forestry, agriculture or peat production for years or even decades. Taimiteko also functions as an employment activity as it provides summer jobs in planting seedlings, especially for young people.


New trees and long term carbon sinks are planted annually in reforestration areas resulting in carbon sequestration of 64 kg C (eq.) of each seedling. Over 55 years, one hectare sequesters about 127,000 C kg ha-1 of mineral land and the carbon sequestration of peatland is even higher, about 274,000 C kg ha-1.

Since 2019, we have been planting more than 500 trees through this act and continue planting more.


Mö calculates its CO2 emissions to offset annually and funds the activity, the seedlings and salaries of the planters. 4H and local operators work jointly to look for suitable land and recruit and train young people for the planting work. Young people do the planting work and receive financial compensation for it.

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