Leinonen AS – Paperless accounting

Reduced paper (kg)

Taking paper out of business processes saves time, money, space, and most importantly, nature. With digital tools, our usage of paper is close to zero.

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Paperless accounting is made through digitalization. In a digitalized world, we are able to get our workflow easier and faster. Less human-made mistakes, and environment-friendly business. We save the forest, transport to the paper factory, paper production, transport of paper, paper printing cost. Less post sending.


Accounting is now done electronically. Our software works in the cloud. Paychecks are delivered electronically. Amount of paper use is now really small, almost zero. Our accounting program is electronic and we have no need to use paper anymore.


We save office space when we do not need to have storage for paper material. We save time when we do not need to wait for printing, no need to fetch the paper, no need to store paper. Everything is saved electronically. Our clients have access to the accounting program when needed. Accounting programs are integrated with banks. Now it is really easy to organize remote work.

Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life at Sitra
Markus Terho

Implementation of this act requires analysis of paper use and where alternatives can be used to minimize paper use or replace it altogether. This act has the potential to be widely implemented in different types of organizations.

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