Finnish Textile and Fashion – Carbon neutral textile sector 2035


The 2035 carbon neutral textile commitment will be a concrete tool for textile companies to tackle climate change. It provides companies with a customized carbon footprint calculator, as well as regular training and advice on the most up-to-date issues related to climate change and emissions accounting.

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Finnish Textile & Fashion association (Suomen Tekstiili & Muoti ry) has worked a long time to increase climate knowledge in the textile sector and to promote lower emissions. The work has also identified the need for companies to have tools suitable for calculating carbon footprint.

Calculating carbon footprint requires special skills, and finding the right emission coefficients is often a challenging and time-consuming task. Under the Carbon Neutral Textile 2035 Commitment, companies will have access to a tailor-made emissions calculator for the textile sector, making the company’s carbon footprint calculation as simple as possible. The calculator helps companies identify the most significant sources of emissions from their operations, which in the textile and fashion sector are usually associated with the production of raw materials and the use of products. The carbon footprint calculator has been implemented by Clonet Oy, which specializes in the climate business, and complies with the requirements of the standard for calculating the carbon footprint of organizations in accordance with the international Greenhouse Gas protocol.

Identifying emissions is the first step towards carbon neutrality. Through the commitment to the actual reduction of emissions and the pursuit of carbon neutrality, companies will receive intensive training, sparring and advice.
The commitment is open to all textile and fashion companies that want to work actively to reduce emissions and show their own climate leadership.


During the first months, 18 textile and fashion companies already joined the commitment. The companies that have joined can be found here:


The commitment is open to all actors in the textile and fashion sector.

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