Helen – Solar Energy an Easy Way to Take Part in the Climate Campaign

Reduced CO2e (tCO2e)

Helen Ltd has over 500 000 electricity customers. There are many customers who are not able to invest in solar power. In 2015 Helen created a concept where the electricity customers of Helen were able to rent a panel from the big solar power plant invested by Helen. This designated panel -concept made it possible for all the customers of Helen to participate in the production of solar energy.

For business customers there is opportunity to buy carefree solar energy as a service. Company will gain all the benefits of an own solar power plant without hassle or investment. The company will only pay for the electricity generated by the power plant.

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These concepts make it possible for all the customers of Helen to participate in the production of solar energy very easily and without investment costs. Customers will decrease their carbon footprint and save in electricity costs.

Helen promise to build more solar power plants if the old ones are already rent out. Helen is responsible for the investment of the solar plant and for all measures related to the solar power plant project, from surveying to continuous maintenance. Customers will be able to utilise renewable and emission-free solar energy and enjoy the benefits of it.


Business Case Shopping Center Elo, The biggest roof solar power plant in Finland. Produces solar energy for own use.

03/2020 start
Cuts 27 % of the electricity demand
3 186 panels
779 000 KWh/a
1003 kWp
Saves 112 000 kg/CO2/a

One designated panel:
315 W
280 kWh/a (Means same as 363 X laundering, 1473 X coffee making)
Saves 38,92 kg/CO2/a

Together we have now built over 6 000 designated panels.



Solar power is part of Helen’s way towards carbon neutrality by 2035. We will buid as many new solar panels as customers want.

Take part of the climate journey!

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Markus Terho

Prosume - produce and consume. You might not break even, but you will help boost the share solar power in Finland by renting a solar panel for the monthly price of a cup of coffee. Real-time monitoring of solar rays crediting your electricity invoice makes the clean energy transition more tangible.

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This is a new way to solve customer's desire for using solar panel energy. I really like the concept therefore I gave the top ranking for this innovative idea. It is also a mixed solution that centered People at their core, not profit. So it will be replicable in certain cases when the same entrepreneurial mindset is present.

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This Planet Act educates and involves electricity customers in a new concept that allows them to connect to assigned solar power production. This act allows customers to support wider adoption of solar power to users who can not build and operate their own panels. This concept is scalable, but requires specific competences that only utility type companies have.

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