Turun Ekotori – Enhancement of Circular Economy

Products (pcs)
170 000

According to Ekotori’s operating principle, the aim is to prolong the lifecycle of still usable products. This is carried out by receiving and if needed collecting, for a transport fee, such reusable goods from consumers which have become useless for them. The goods are later sold in Ekotori’s shop, thus reducing the amount of waste and materials needed to produce new products. These together aid to save natural resources and energy along with reducing emissions related to manufacture.

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Recycling and circular economy are central aspects of the company’s operating principle. The purpose is to decrease waste and emissions related to new production of goods and to improve the efficiency in the use of natural resources. Ekotori wants to make circular economy, reuse and recycling easier for consumers, in order to lower the possible threshold related to them. The purpose is also to enhance people’s awareness of the possibilities of circular economy, reuse and recycling.


Thanks to Ekotori’s actions, yearly approximately 170 000 second-hand products find a new home.


Ekotori has two stores, which are located on Rieskalähteentie and Rautakatu. Both stores receive reusable goods for free. When needed, Ekotori’s delivery vans can also pick up goods from consumers’ homes. In order to qualify, products should be readily in usable condition. In contrast, electronic appliances and bicycles are received regardless of their condition. Ekotori tests and sells functioning devices in Ekotori shops and damaged devices are shipped to authorized handlers who separate and sort usable materials out of them. The information safety related to ICT-products is secured with overwriting programs or mechanical destruction of hard drives.

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