DNA – Wattinen intelligent heating service

Reduced energy consumption (%)

DNA’s intelligent heating service Wattinen helps housing associations reduce climate emissions from home heating.

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Heating buildings is one of the biggest causes of climate emissions. By optimizing the heating of homes to suit just the right way, climate emissions from heating can be reduced.


With the help of Wattinen housing associations can balance the consumption of heating energy and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Residents can do everyday climate actions themselves by adjusting the heating of their apartment according to their own daily rhythm. With the help of Wattinen, housing companies can achieve 15-30% savings in the consumption of heating energy used for indoor heating.


In 2019, DNA introduced the Wattinen intelligent heating service to apartment building companies, which reduces climate emissions from home heating. With the help of Wattinen, homes always have the right temperature during the heating season and living comfort is improved while saving energy.

Wattinen is easy to put into operation and do not require large investments. In apartments, it is enough to replace smart thermostats (adapters for different needle valves). Wattinen simplifies the work of the property manager and the daily life of the resident as it optimizes and balances the heating system. This saves energy and heating costs and at the same time increases living comfort. Wattinen automatically refreshes the radiator valves all year round so that the valves do not jam and no maintenance visits are required. The resident has access to Wattinen’s own mobile application, which makes it easy for him to control the heating of his own apartment.

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Markus Terho

The project DNA Wattinen intelligent heating solution is very interesting since it offers the client the affiliation to the zero carbon world, a green impact that each of us could make for a better world. The impact is clear and it offers the control of each of the user to the heat consumed in the apartment. The houses are big consumers of energy and being in control of the heat energy/carbon footprint, will allow us to become more intelligent users.

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For me, smart heating puts consumers in the driver's seat.

And that is the most important thing when talking about sustainable housing, sustainable offices and so on.

I believe there is also an education part in this, people learning more about how they can manage their costs better and using the app that makes this possible. I strongly see this as a very useful and replicable step, easy to grab by consumers who value living responsibly as part of their life every day and managing the costs of an entire building, while maintaining its facilities.

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Providing new, easy to use and automated solutions for people to optimise and save energy in homes is a relatively underutilized area for saving and reducing CO2 emissions. This act is scalable to user, but as a service it scals in the tecnology sector as it requires specific competences in technology, usability, automation and housing.

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