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Taking paper out of business processes saves time, money, space, and most importantly, the nature. That’s why we at Advian have minimized the use of paper, and we work almost 100 % digitally.

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For us, paperless accounting, or rather digitalization, means an agile work environment, less clutter, better time management and sustainable development.


Most of our processes are completely online, from signing contracts to sending invoices and calculating income statements. Everybody at Advian are encouraged to use only digital platforms and to use a printer only when it is necessary. In addition, the paychecks are also delivered as e-documents. Advian is not an accounting firm, and that’s why the amount of printable material that has to do with accounting is relatively small. But we do what we can in order to save paper. Every document that is not printed counts as contribute. Roughly speaking, Advian saves about 20 kg of paper a year by using a digital accounting system. Not to mention the time saved by not having to search for certain printed documents!


At Advian, accounting is done 100% digitally. No documents need printing, and everybody who needs to get into the accounting system, gets an access to it. In addition, we also prefer e-invoicing at all times to spare us from any delays, extra work and to minimize human errors. As an IT company, it is natural for us not to have anything printed out. No internal work at Advian requires printed documents, and therefore Advian is built upon online infrastructure. This helps in minimizing the use of natural resources and saving space at the office. Having everything online also enables employees to work remotely.

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Markus Terho

This is applicable for a lot of businesses that went on the digital road, especially accounting being one of them. Let's save the paper and the forest and use them only if we really, really need it!

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Implementation of this act requires analysis of paper use and where alternatives can be used to minimize paper use or replace it altogether. This act has the potential to be widely implemented in different types of organizations.

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