Talentree – Taking care of the employees by Corina Radu

I would personally like to use the Wälitä index for myself and for the team I am working for!
Just when remote work starts to have a toll on many of us, struggling to balance work and life, it is extremely important to check on the wellbeing of your coworkers, partners, or even customers. There is a rising concern about managing work pressure and creating trust in the remotely, hybrid, work environment, which comes from not being able to personally assess the level of commitment, attention, and listening (just to name a few) of the person we look at through the screen.

I have seen companies having once per week check-up calls within the team, usually Monday or Friday, and companies who have nothing because they don’t know where to start.
This index could give them the incentive to have something they can easily react to, deal with work pressure and avoid clogged lines of communication.