Fujitsu Finland – “Työn imua” coaching – Alexandr Iscenco

The coaching program of Fujitsu Finland is a very good initiative to offer valuable guidance and to show good care & love to its employees. It also has the potential to make the working environment more friendly, open, and supportive. I have been in the roles of both a coach and a coached employee, and I can state that there are gains on both sides. For a coached person, this program gives an opportunity to express his/her challenges in personal career development and receive support… or at least gain satisfaction and a peace of mind of being listened to. For a coach, the program is a way to get to know fellow coworkers better, to help them, and to see how they grow and develop with satisfaction. The coaching on personal well-being is especially valuable, since very often we get so immersed into work that we forget to pay sufficient attention to our bodies and health. Coaching in this direction helps employees to stay fit physically and mentally, while the company benefits from their healthy productivity and motivation.
Surely, such a program is not new in the corporate world. I have seen a number of companies doing it, and have experienced it on myself. Considering this, it is quite easy to implement a similar program practically in any business and organisation, from SMEs to offices of large corporations.