DNA – Increasing the proportion of women in leadership

For me it is important to have the diversity strategy in place that works both ways.I have studied some time ago the diversity topic in United Nations recruitment strategy so I am fond of this topic and I am very happy to see the initiative and the diversity focus. However, based on my experience, I see this will work if:

  • There is a real interest to make jobs adaptable to women applicants
  • The need of a resume is essential, but several information can be taken out, such as: gender, picture, age, nationality, civil status, kids (I currently do this in my resume)
  • The need to raise women quota in management positions must not be a purpose in itself but rather a consequence of a program to grow women into leadership positions and tackle some women’s lack of confidence in their own skills and capabilities.

I believe this project must be about not having more women on board but about more feminine traits present in the decision-making processes. Let’s shift the view from gender (male, female) to characteristics (masculine, feminine) and this will provide us with the best mix of views and arguments for a fair, inclusive, sustainable, risk managed decision making process.