Vaatelaastari (Oikiat Design Oy) is a Startup Company, trademark and easy (rub & go) textile repair innovation by 3 Finnish Moms. With Vaatelaastari Patch it is possible to repair many kind of textiles, anywhere, anytime by anyone.

Vaatelaastari Patches are designed and made in Finland, from various sustainable textile materials (like stretchy recycled polyester from bottle waste) . We have sold over 400 000 Vaatelaastari Patches during our first 2 years. Our own “Bottle2Patch” -customer collection is available our own webstore and in over 200 re-sellers selections.

We work as a Partner in responsibility acts, customer engagement & creativity. X Vaatelaastari Patch is highly customizable DIY Repair Solution. Patches can be customized in pattern, colour, shape, amount, package and even in material.  

Industry Clothing
Employees 4
Annual turnover 284000

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