Liikuttavin Liiga

F-liiga is the world’s best Floorball League.
30 Teams, 16 for women & 14 for men with altogether 800 players.
Largest sports league in Finland in number of teams and players.

Mission: League is exporting Finnish floorball for the world
to see and experience. The most followed top floorball league
in the world. League lives and breathes from the clubs and
strong committed atmosphere. Clubs move and engage the
fans and players creating positive feeling.

Vision: Most moving and respected floorball league that
underlines meaning, digital solutions, commercialization
and unity. League is innovator in Finland and globally with
influential and blooming clubs.

Brand promise: League engages with audiences
and fans with energetic grasp creating unity – in games as in
digital platforms. Worlds’ most entertaining and competitive
league inspires fans, clubs, partners in Finland and globally.