Working towards better health and healthcare

The professionals at ESiOR employ various scientific methods to improve healthcare and the use of its resources. We are on the lookout for more cost-effective care. We gather data, utilise statistics, and build assessment analyses and prediction models to find out the best healthcare options for the future in terms of cost-effectiveness, effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency, budget impact, risk benefit, value of information, or health economic value-added. We are motivated by data – data from real-world settings, existing statistics, and research such as trials, as well as surveys that we carry out. We pick the relevant bits and pieces and combine them to see the big picture that will ultimately benefit all of us.

Our main services include comprehensive Social and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (SHEOR), Market Access (MA), and Data Science and Evidence Generation (DSEG). We provide expertise, research, consultancy, and tools for wiser healthcare decisions. We offer value demonstration through data, understanding trough analysis, insight trough knowledge, and value-added trough communication. We have hundreds of excellent references and a track record to speak about.