Sustainable Industry X – SIX Manufacturing EDIH

The SIX Manufacturing EDIH network consists of Finland’s most advanced manufacturing and digitization expertise, infrastructures and ecosystems. SIX Manufacturing EDIH is an open platform, welcoming new collaborators to make sustainable manufacturing the cornerstone of wellbeing.

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In Sustainable Industry X, SIX, it is all about the larger and more ambitious entity. The aim is to form a unifying renewal vision and agenda in Finland together with the industry, research, and public sector. As one implementing element, SIX helps actors to form industry-driven clusters that promote innovation and competence development around different topics.

Sustainable Industry X (SIX) Manufacturing EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) ensures the future competitiveness of manufacturing companies and maximum benefit of local, national, and European tools and know-how.


As a service centre, SIX Manufacturing EDIH unifies development capabilities, infrastructures and services leading manufacturing SMEs forward on a digitalization path in an industry-driven way.

Building on Sustainable Industry X (SIX) initiative, the EDIH has close collaboration links to different networks and ecosystems as well as agendas, projects and investment plans.

SIX Manufacturing EDIH generates productivity and competitiveness, carbon neutrality and circular economy, and data utilization and new business opportunities.


SIX Manufacturing EDIH gathers the very best Finnish manufacturing and digitalization companies, ecosystems and existing national DIHs (e.g. SMACC, IoT Compass Hub, Rural DIH) for co-creation. ​

It connects to European actors to share competences, results and best practices for the benefit of the entire European manufacturing industry.​

SIX Manufacturing EDIH is an open scalable platform, welcoming new collaborators, to make sustainable manufacturing the cornerstone of European wellbeing.

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