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Sportspot – Remote online well-being day

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having an opportunity to participate
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A fine and functional concept! A truly enjoyable way to spend time with your workmates when there’s no chance to see them otherwise. Pleasant get-together and getting  to know the others.

Katariina Jauhiainen

Laura Lepistö, Kaj Kunnas and Amin Asikainen alongside various other sports influencers expand their field and challenge companies with a fresh take


Event organisers are in trouble as the COVID-19 pandemic has cleared the event calendar of almost every company up until no earlier than next autumn. Sportspot, a network of sport influencers, fast-tracked ideating and testing a new concept in which the personnel of a company are challenged to complete various different tasks. The results then get edited into the eployees’ very own TV show.

The spirits at Sportspot’s office were dropping as clients started cancelling event dates already set and as marketing campaigns were rescheduled and cancelled. But after being worried for a while, people at the office decided to take action and consider the opportunities this crisis may open up  – although consideration was done remotely for safety reasons.

– For a week we brainstormed what sort of prospects this current situation may come with. We were convinced that in this crisis also lies potential for giving birth to something new. We simply had to bravely get throwing new ideas around and testing them, summarises the CEO of the company, Teemu Harinen.


The deliberation produced an idea: could team days be organised remotely? And if so, what would it mean in practice? The first thing to discuss was, what is the outcome of a successful team day.  Sportspot’s creative director Juho Nenonen, a basketball player of  the national team of Finland as well as the Finnish basketball league team Vilpas, lays down the basics of the idea.

– The goal of a work ability, work satisfaction or  team day  is usually to get people to get to know each other better outside the workplace, which makes one more familiar with their co-workers and builds a shared sense of trust. ‘Inside jokes’ are born – things that bring folks closer together. We started shaping the idea from this basis and finally created a concept that ticks the boxes.


In the end, the concept is rather simple: during a Remote team day the participants receive assorted challenges into their smartphones from well-known professional athletes and enterntainers. With their phones, the entrants then film their own performances and send them to Sportspot. Sportspot composes an entertaining compilation – a bit like America’s funniest home videos, but starring your own colleagues.  The show is broadcasted as a live stream,  a private delivery to each partaker. On the show night the contributors gather around their screens to see what all the members of their team have achieved.


But the question is: does this work in practice?

– I must admit, even I was quite anxious to see whether or not this would work in practice – would people be ready to film themselves and throw themselves into this? But when the first show aired, the feedback we received even just during the show  was incredible! And as the feedback forms arrived, the general opinion hadn’t changed, says Lassi Hurskainen, the host of the lifestyle show Elixir, who has gathered over a million YouTube views and who stars as one of the hosts of the Live work ability show.


Influencers involved in the challenge

Influencers play a major part in the Remote team day.  In addition to Nenonen and Hurskainen, Laura Lepistö, Kaj Kunnas, Amin Asikainen, Henry Manni and Brädi have all designed their own challenges. The diversity of tasks makes it possible for all participants to find something suitable for them to do in front of the camera. Kaj Kunnas is also present in the live show, when the team members get to compete on a quiz revolving around their company and other subjects.

– I’ve worked in TV for thirty years, but this is a whole new innovation which it has been great to be a part of. Throughout the programme, people were sending their comments to the chat, and unlike in TV show’s in general, here true interaction is generated!

– It has been magnificent to see how folks throw themselves into this. These people have hidden talents, notes the grand old man of Finnish rap, Brädi aka. Kapa Härkönen.


Up to this point the most popular challenge has turned out to be thank, praise, exalt  a colleague, wherein the contributor gets to give a co-worker, subordinate or superior words of gratitude, praise or another type of uplifting via a video clip.

– In the midst of all the hustle we often forget to thank each other, and us Finns especially may find it difficult doing so face to face. Now in this challenge everyone gets to lift up the vibes of their colleagues by giving personal thanks, praise or exaltation, explains Sportspot’s sales director Jani Piipari.


From clients’ mouths

Customer feedback has been considerably positive and so far the Remote team day has received an average rating of 4,73/5.

Many thanks for a fun day! What a wonderful idea to arrange a team day remotely, and not just get paralysed thinking that during times like these you couldn’t do anything collective. Thank you! –  Kati Kauhanen

A totally superb experience! The live chat and the fact that you were following it was really special! – Thomas Jalas

A fine and functional concept! A truly enjoyable way to spend time with your workmates when there’s no chance to see them otherwise. Pleasant get-together and getting  to know the others. – Katariina Jauhiainen

This set was made of diamond with its hosts, menus and fabulously edited videos! – Timo Mäkinen

As a whole, a brand-new and an  innovative idea. A* for courage! – Vesa Taskinen


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