Puuni Oy – Carbon sinks in Finland

Puuni helps companies to move from climate chit-chat to concrete climate action. They create new carbon sinks in Finland by transforming municipal owned wasteland areas into biodiverse forests.

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Reducing carbon emissions is the primary way to fight climate change. But it is not enough. Each of us must also start removing carbon that has already been emitted.

Puuni Oy is fighting Climate Change to keep our planet viable for us and the future generations. They are doing this by correcting the draggled reputation of carbon offsets. In this way, companies can neutralize the global warming impact of their commercial activities and gain real, sustainable added value for their brand through scientific evaluation.

Puuni’s clients will get a reliable and comparable result that makes it possible to plan emission reductions and a Carbon Strategy.


Puuni has turned municipal owned wastelands into carbon sinks by planting trees based on clients’ carbon emissions. Puuni doesn’t create forests to work solely as carbon sinks but they want to establish habitats for abundant biodiversity, which is why they always plant a diversified selection of trees. This makes forests resilient against diseases and pests, as well as durable in changing climates.

Puuni’s contracts have the duration of 100 years and they aim to have their forests protected by the land owners after the contract expires. To prevent double accounting, the forest carbon sink capacity is owned solely by Puuni. All of their carbon sinks will have a project description that abides with the standards of LULUCF (Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry) Guidance for GHG Project Accounting.


If justified compensation is to be sold to businesses, carbon sinks must be additional. This means that the planted forests could not have come to existence naturally without the compensation payment. Without additionality, the projects impact on climate change would be questionable.

Puuni will determine organization’s carbon footprint in accordance with the most widely used business standard, the GHG Protocol. Company will get a reliable and comparable result that makes it possible to plan emission reductions and a Carbon Strategy.

Carbon sinks consist of the growth of biomass and the carbon that is contained in the soil. These calculations are done by natural resource agencies and because of this the projects are highly authentic and transparent.

All Puuni’s forestation projects are situated on land that doesn’t allow natural forest growth without help. Based on calculations the appropriate amount of trees is planted on municipal owned wastelands. To strengthen biodiversity planted saplings are at least of three different strains of trees.

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