A security guard services company must hold their personnel accountable and coach them. Field supervisors, who should visit the post frequently, play this duty. Supervisors often check on the guard. In part, that’s true, but it should be evident that checking is only 20% of the task. Security personnel must be disciplined. If a field supervisor overlooks a uniform code infringement, the guard will keep violating it and push the limit. Supervisors should reprimand security guards for any post orders or uniform code violations. Coaching requires positive reinforcement. It shows the employee his good behaviour is noticed. So he’ll keep doing well. It shows the supervisor isn’t exclusively focused on negative behaviour. Positive reinforcement will make the guard more willing to listen and adjust his behaviour if he needs corrective coaching. It’s also crucial to clearly express to the security officer what they did wrong and how to improve their conduct. The field officer should report his observation and possible negative effects on the client’s security. He should show how to change habit and its benefits. After gaining the employee’s assent, he should get a behaviour commitment. This message should be repeated often to field supervisors. If field supervisors aren’t encouraged and held accountable to coach the appropriate way, security officer skills won’t grow and service and security services levels will be low. A corporation that fosters continual coaching and punishment will increase client service in Sacramento, CA guard skills, and market success.



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