We love making beer. But we live for the chance to entertain and engage people, to get them thinking, and ultimately to make them smile. Our beers and long drinks are more than just beers and long drinks, they’re also entertaining classic games like our market-disrupting Rock, Paper, Scissors and Truth or Dare creations. It’s why we make them with daring ingredients, flavors, and names. Or tailor them for special events and occasions, like our Let’s Settle This Like Adults beer brewed specially for the Putin-Trump Helsinki summit.

Northern Periferia is our home. This place is more than a remote part of the Nordics, it’s a state of mind, a way of living. It takes guts and a good sense of humour to make it out here. It’s why we decided to choose our own path. Why we set out to build a brewing company not just with our hands but also with our playful, fun-at-heart attitude and our enthusiastic approach to life. Simply put, we brew enthusiasm and positivity into everything we do. And we always make a conscious effort to nurture our fun side. We live for good times and we inspire others to enjoy and create good times in their lives too. You have to be brave and little different to thrive in Northern Periferia, but we wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. Our beer and our brewery are an open invitation for anyone who wants more out of life. It’s the reason we raise our glasses together and say, Welcome to the heart of Northern Periferia.

Industry Food & Beverage
Employees 8
WWW https://www.rpsbrewing.fi

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