Every day I read news about how this neighborhood is finding it too expensive to retain full-time gate security guard services on duty and receive calls about communities losing their sense of security as gated communities collapse to a declining economy. This can worry people who moved to the community for added security. As the “era of the gated community” dwindles, there are economically viable security solutions in San Francisco, CA.  One option is to buy and install a security camera system. This can be done affordably and may save the owner money on the manned security gate. Security and surveillance cameras range from one to 16 depending on your demands and coverage area. Before you buy a system, talk to a security expert about the type and number of cameras you need for your situation and which camera will offer you the clearest view considering the weather, illumination, etc. Take turns driving through the neighborhood and keeping an eye out. No one can be everywhere at once, thus this system could grow dull quickly, and then we’d be back at the beginning. Some may disagree with me, and that’s fine, but most individuals prefer their own house. With camera monitoring and security, you can stay home and watch out for yourself and your neighbors. If your “gated” community is losing its status, read this article. Consult a security expert to find the right security guard or surveillance solution. If your gate keeps falling, you can maintain the house and neighborhood security.

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