Protecting workers and the public by ensuring construction site security is vital. A strong security guard services system will also reduce the danger of damaging or stealing valuable equipment and materials.  Implementing an efficient security system on construction sites is a complex procedure involving several aspects. Here are some tips from professionals to keep this type of workplace safe and secure in Los Angeles, CA.  Before beginning construction, create a site security plan. Appoint a security supervisor to verify the strategy is implemented and no problems develop from disorganisation or misconceptions. All your employees should know the security plan and their duties in protecting workplace safety. Small oversights or failing to report suspicious activities might have serious implications.  Fencing at least two metres tall would typically deter people who might otherwise try to enter the site for vandalism or theft and keep children from playing.  Entry and leave of the site – by employees or guests – should be strictly regulated, and security guards can help so a member of your team doesn’t have to monitor this. If possible, limit car access and create an outdoor parking lot.  Before work begins, compile a comprehensive inventory of all materials and equipment, and check it regularly to make sure nothing is missing. Lock equipment and materials when not in use. CCTV surveillance is an alternative to construction site guards. This can record the entire building site, which can help detect criminality and identify perpetrators. Construction site security guards give a valued, responsive human presence. Make sure the building site is well-lit to deter unauthorised entry. You should also disguise the visibility of valuables from the perimeter so potential burglars can’t quickly find them upon entry.

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